Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Comfort & Confident: A Lesson from a Shoebox

No matter where God asks you to walk He will give you the strength that it takes to get there. Shoes are interesting, because beyond style there is the question of comfort. Sometimes we are required to wear a pair that is not exactly what we would choose. From weddings to the workplace we may be reluctant to wear what is needed in order to participate in the blessing. A change to our soul, not just our feet, is often a must in order to keep moving forward. As "A Work in Progress" it is so comforting to know that God gives strength to our steps whether in a valley or a "high heel".

"The Lord is my strength; He will make my feet like deer's feet, And He will make me walk on my high hills,"
(Hab. 3:19 NKJV)

Now, I know that high hills are mountains and not designer footwear, but a while back this Verse spoke to me with a giggle and a message. As I was spending time in prayer about a very serious topic in my own personal development God led me to a Scripture that gave me direction, but then He threw in Hab. 3:19, I believe for comic relief as well as guidance.

More than just a play on words, about my own reluctance to slip on a three inch high heel, God used something that happened to me. While on a hike with my family in a National Park, we crossed paths with a doe. As we enjoyed the moment we noticed her stance change from a gentle standing to a stamping. This deer looked very confident all of sudden and appeared to be preparing for battle. That is when we noticed that behind us, in the trees, was her fawn. Taking her advice we all began to step back until we were out of her path. She stepped quickly yet sure footed over the rocky land uniting her family and before we knew it they were out of sight.

Now before God showed me Hab. 3:19 I never had a second thought about a deer's foot, I mean hoof, but when I read that Verse I knew that God was giving me a picture of what confidence in our walk should look like - no matter where our feet may tread.

We will all walk through some sort of wilderness or challenging situation, but when we do it with God He will give us the strength to push past any discomfort so that we can move forward. We do not always have confidence when we are uncomfortable. Discomfort is the way to get our mind on our feelings and off of the confidence that we have in God.

Comfort is a choice. Many of us have the choice of shoes and it is truly a blessing to pick and choose if sneakers or dress shoes are the best fit for the day, but there are times - even in the most blessed of closets - when we are asked to put on something less desirable. Not just talking about shoes, but in life we may face a situation that, well...is just down right uncomfortable. Our feet often times do not want to conform to the new stride, and all too often our mouth defends its weary friends by complaining, which makes the journey all that more challenging. It is when we choose to speak God's Word that confidence in Him stirs up inside of our hearts which then gives us comfort beyond anything we could ever get from "in (our) souls".

Shoes, deer hoofs, confidence in the Lord, what a combination of description, but the real point is that: Our tread should not be in dread. Our walk with God should be exciting, wonderful, enlightened, amazing, adventurous, but not always comfortable. God may require us to walk through life's challenges not because He caused them, but simply to get us out of them. God, being The Good God that He is, sent His Holy Spirit to comfort us when we step off the path or when we are attacked by the very adversary who desires to steal our confidence.  As "A Work in Progress" when we are out of our comfort zones, in spite of how we got there, we should be relying on His confidence, which was a gift through His Son Jesus Christ.   The strength we have in Jesus, is truly the most comfortable place to land our feet.

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