Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Becoming a Wise Work in Progress

I have done some pretty dumb things in my life. Whether I was choosing jobs, residency, hang out spots, friends, or how to spend my money (financial spending could be a whole category by itself), I have definitely made many unwise decisions. The great part about all of those mistakes is that they are in my past. No matter what crazy thing I did yesterday I know that my today can be full of "destiny decisions". Every choice that we make propels us towards an outcome. The choices we make today determine the destiny awaiting us tomorrow.

If we think about it too much, being decisive could become a stressful process, but when we rely on another person's wisdom any tension, we were creating on our own merit, can easily melt away. Although the most important piece of this equation is the whom, in which we glean wisdom from.

The Word of God, has all the answers, but sometimes we need His help, through prayer, to find them. When I spend time with God in the morning I generally have my bible in hand. After I pray I usually read a Proverb or look on verses like Psalms 91, which help to shape my daily life. We can see the importance that God places on wisdom alone in the whole book of Proverbs, which was mostly written by King Solomon the wisest person who lived, besides Jesus.

Whether wisdom is saving us from the mean words of others; teaching us to humble ourselves; giving us examples through insect parables; or less than politely showing us how to use our mouth;  we can all become better through a daily dose of a book filled with thirty-one chapters of wisdom...interestingly the same amount of days that are in an average month.

Beyond the Word and prayer, it has taken me a while, but I have learned that by asking wise people for help, my decision making has drastically improved. When I seek advice about finances, parenting, nutrition, or spiritual guidance (among other topics), I not only seek individuals that are successful, but people that have a strong relationship with God, through Jesus.

It is amazing how fast our lives can transform when we humble ourselves to listen and apply great advice. I am not saying that it is easy or that I am always successful through this process, but with every missed opportunity I make up for it with a diligent jump forward.

Maybe you have been a great advice taker, but perhaps some of you have been like me, heard wisdom yet have had a few too many years of inconsistent application under your belt. Well, there is hope, because today is the day to begin listening with more than just an attempt to apply what others have successfully accomplished.

I have never met anyone that wants to be a moron, (although a choice can be disguised as a desire for the lack of improvement), but many of us, me included, have worn this title simply because of our lack of wisdom.  The good news is that with each day we get the opportunity to seek God's wisdom and alter our destiny.  I am not perfect, but I thank God that daily he helps me progress beyond my own thinking.

So, what is the real point of development, is it really all about self?  God's plan for us is to be so full of wisdom that we can pass it along to another person. Therefore, if we choose to not learn and put that knowledge to good use then we may never gain more wisdom to pass along to the person whom God has called us to counsel. It seems to me that the wisest choice is the decision to become wiser every day so that when the time comes to pass wisdom on, we can become the very godly counsel that King Solomon described.

As "A Work in Progress" seeking wisdom is the foundation for my personal development.  For years, I sought counsel for selfish gain.  I thought that the more I knew the more right I was, in debate, conversations, business, and the list goes on and on.  But I have come to learn that in Christ I was made right, and wisdom is simply applying what God has already placed inside of me....for the benefit of helping others.  This "destiny decision" has changed not only my work but how I progress.  I am still becoming a "wise guy", or gal in my case, but with each daily lesson in godly wisdom I am moving towards not only my destiny, but hopefully helping others fulfill theirs as well.  So here is to us becoming wise enough to understand the value of wisdom as we become wise "Work in Progress" guys or gals -  for others.

"For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of His mouth cometh knowledge and understanding"
(Prov. 2:6)
"Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly"
(Psalms 1:1)

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