Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Search for a Star

          "You're missing an earring,". Thank God for friendly, yet direct people. One night at church a friend of mine was introducing me to her daughter and beyond the pleasantries came this observation about my lack of balanced lobes. I was truly grateful for the honest declaration, because I was able to pocket the other jewel and head into service with my undecorated ears. As I took my seat and began to praise and worship I found myself thinking more and more about what my AWOL earring was doing.

          You see, only a few hours prior I had come across my two star studded pieces of jewelry for the first time in several months and within a few hours we had parted ways again. As "A Work in Progress" I tried to focus on worshiping, but thoughts of reuniting a pair of decorative stars kept trying to distract me.

          I had almost decided to begin my solo star search, when I refrained and spoke to God about my important problem.  Although this problem seemed small, it was becoming big enough to take me away from spending quality time with my Lord, which is a huge issue in the eyes of a Father who values relationships. In my heart I believe that God challenged me to trust Him to recover my lost jewel as He lovingly showed me the parallels of my search with those of wise men who once pursued another star.

          Christian or not most people have heard about certain wise men in pursuit of a star over two thousand years ago. Their story has been sung, played, drawn, and written about many times over.  But as I stood there on the second row of my church praising God, He began to open my heart and develop a new respect for these men of wise and the choice that they had made to follow a single star.

          I am no biblical scholar, but I have learned that some of these wise men were avid star gazers. As astronomers I am sure that they spent countless hours not only looking at, but studying constellations. It is inspiring that even though these men had developed a passion for all things bright in the night sky they were not distracted away from what they had learned in the Word of God. These men were not wise because of their scientific knowledge, although it was vast and most likely widely known and taught, but it was their belief in God's Word that made them wise. For these men went in search of a bright light and it "just so happened" (God's plan), that a constellation led their way.

          Now I believe that God uses our desires to help guide us towards our destiny, which is exactly what he did for these men of wisdom. Even enemies would think it perfectly logical for astronomers to pursue the wonders of a bright star, which created a safe haven of travel for these men. However, these courageous men made it know that the reason for their pilgrimage was not to stargaze, but rather to worship.

"Now When Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem, Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him,"
(Mat. 2:1-2 KJV)

          For a scientist or scholar to leave his books, charts, and students he must be in search of the biggest desire of his heart. Therefore we know that these wise men placed worshiping their God above all else in their lives. These men gave up comfort, safety, treasure, and knowledge in order for them to stand before God and worship Him.

          As I gave up the search for my little treasure I was able to receive a more precious gift, the gift of perspective. After church that night, I pulled my lone earring from my pocket and placed it back into my jewelry box, still thankful that I had traded my star search for time in worship. The next evening my husband carried in some packages I had left in our vehicle from the night before and when he came inside he handed me a little single star studded earring that he had found. I smiled as I received my treasure. When I reunited the pair I thanked God for being faithful. That is when God spoke in my heart that it was I who was faithful to Him through worship.

          The search for my star inspired me to learn more about the search of the Magi. As "A Work in Progress" I thank God that He continues to remind me that when we seek His face first that all things are added to our lives, (Mat. 6:33). The wise men of the first Christmas may remind us of gifts, songs, or pageants, but this year I hope that they remind us to first come to worship our God, because He gave to us a treasure brighter than any constellation. For beneath a star was given to these worshiping wise men, and also to us... Jesus, the Light of the world.

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