Tuesday, September 20, 2016

His Delight!

          Have you ever considered yourself a delight? Well, that may just seem too fruity, but the truth is that the Lord delights in us. As "A Work in Progress" God may challenge us to delight ourselves in Him, but not before He lets’ us know that He has delight in us.

          No matter what flavor we are, what kind of gifts we are topped with, smooth or rough, sweet or tangy, or even if we seem down right plain, to Him we are His delight.

Delight: extreme satisfaction, high degree of gratitude
(merriam-webster.com/dictionary/delight - full definition 1 &2)

          God is satisfied and He is satisfied in us, for us, and through us.  For years I struggled with being perfect.  Once I realized that I was not perfect, even though I was a Christian, I began to adopt this view of myself as undesirable to God.  This stemmed from pulling back from my time with God and His Word.  I stopped delighting in God, and although He never stopped delighting in me, my perception was that He had.  You see, even with all of my imperfections He was still satisfied with me, not with my choices, but with who He had made me to be.

          These days, I run to God in spite of being "A Work in Progress" and I am amazed by the encouragement that I receive from Him.  I remember one time, many months ago, while I was engaged in praise and worship at my church, God began to minister to my heart - His delight for me.  As I lifted my hands and sang the words, "You are lovelier by far...your beauty knows no measure....you are fairer than ten thousand...you’re more valuable than silver", it was as if God was saying these phrases back to me.  His delight overwhelmed me as tears fell from my eyes realizing that as I was delighting in Him in praise He was also delighting in me. 

          God’s gratitude for me was of extreme satisfaction.  It was as if He could not have been more pleased with me.  It was not because I had done something that day that was so good He was rewarding me, quite the contrary.  I remember I did something that day that was not very pleasing.  I was simply able to receive His delight for me, because I was reaching out in delight to Him. 

          Everyone desires to be loved, accepted, encouraged, and trusted; to be considered a delight.  These desires are put in us by our Father God so that He can have a relationship with us.  When we actively pursue Him those desires and many more are fulfilled. Of course when we try to get those desires from something or someone else they are never freely given to us.  When our desires our filled by jobs, people, money, status, and our own works, we do not progress, because there is always an IOU attached to what has been given.  Nothing can repay God for what He has given us.  All He desires is for us to work with Him and not simply for Him, because He is grateful that we have chosen Him above all things. 

          Extreme satisfaction is a delightful way to live.  Thank God that He not only instructs us to embrace such a lifestyle but He exemplifies it by first delighting in us. 

"Delight yourself also in the Lord,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart."

(Psalms 37:4 NKJV)


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