Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pillow Listen

    In the late 1950's a movie plot was created around the topic of talking on the phone into the wee hours of the night from the comfort of your own bed. This romantic comedy coined the phrase "Pillow Talk" and still to this day many people snuggle up with their phones and talk the bedtime silence away just before dozing off.

     When I first met my husband we were both in careers that caused us to travel and added to the mix was the fact that our residency was in two different states. The first six months of our relationship was spent mostly on the phone, and the majority of those conversations took place in the early AM hours, (primarily in different time zones). We would giggle and talk from our different beds all the way into the night. Finally, we would hang up when the yawns became more frequent than the reciprocated dialogue. As soon as the cell phones turned off we were fast asleep.

     Looking back at those memories I am thankful for those "get to know you" conversations that laid the foundation for our marriage. God also uses precious bedtime moments to speak to us if we are willing to listen. Late night conversations with loved ones are sweet and serve a purpose, but there does come a time when it is important to close up the phone and give God the final air time of the evening.

     It is amazing what God can place on our hearts, when we relax and listen from our pillows. I have heard many people say, and I have caught myself saying this as well, "I got a great idea last night, right before I fell asleep!". Then they, and I, go on to take credit for an idea that clearly did not come from our own brain power.

     Think about it, why is it that when we get such great ideas, (when we are clearly exhausted, with no energy left, not even enough wisdom to turn off reoccurring product infomercials or a get rich quick DVD set salespersons), out of the blue, we find ourselves patting our own backs for generating the thought of the decade. Sometimes we are even woken up by a great idea. Even though it is in the middle of the night, (we are obviously passed out and unable to complete even the simplest of tasks). But we still try to take credit for an outstanding idea that shook us from our slumber. Think about how ridiculous that sounds, we were just drooling on our pillow cases and we think that, through our own efforts, we some how mustered up an outstanding thought. Could it be that God whispered that into our hearts and the only time of the day that we were able to hear from Him was in the still of the night?

     The bible tells us that God speaks to us in a still small voice, (I Kings 19:11-12 KJV). In one translation God's voice is described as a whisper. It is really hard to hear a whisper in the midst of talking or even while surrounded by background noise of a TV or radio. The best time to clearly make out a whisper is during silence. In a restful moment a small voice is able to be heard with clarity and precision. I am sure once we turn off the noise of the day and slip between the sheets that God is thinking, finally I can get a word in and it will be heard.

God is a gentleman and His voice is soft yet powerful.

     Many times I have been asked, by readers of "A Work In Progress", when and how do you come up with your topics? With out hesitation I reply that I can get inspiration while driving, reading, walking, really just about anywhere, but most of my topics come in the minutes just before I fall asleep or during the middle of the night. This is why I place a paper and pen next to my bedside table, because I am expectant to hear from God before or during my night's sleep.

     I believe that when God wants to speak to us He will make Himself known, but I also believe that we have a part to play in our conversation. Our role is to expect to hear from Him and create the best conditions possible for us to be able to understand when He is speaking to us. The way that we should see it is that when the Creator of the Universe decides to give us inspirational ideas we better be prepared to take notes. 

     There have been times that I have forgotten to stock my note taking station and during the middle of the night, when I received a great idea, I foolishly choose to go back to sleep, thinking that I would remember the idea the next morning. The first blink of my eyes the following morning, I would rack my brain and never be able to recall the idea that could have changed mine or some one's life. I admit that I have repetitively had to learn hard lessons, but I still remind myself that I keep getting better everyday.

     So as we settle in for a restful sleep we should be expectant to hear a good word from the Lord. Hearing from the Lord, requires listening, and this talker is always working on improving that skill.  The more I expect to hear from the Lord the more I am able to tune into his voice. God is Love (I Jn 4:16), therefore when I hear words of encouragement, correcting (in a loving way), or ideas that will bless me or others, I know God has just spoken to my heart. Being expectant, listening attentively, and knowing how to recognize the voice of the Lord creates the best environment for a divine inspiration.

     One night, as I cuddled up with my pillow God placed on my heart the phrase, "Pillow Listen". I wrote the words down, on my bedside notepad, and the next morning, during my private prayer time, God expanded on His idea for this very article. As "A Work in Progress" God wants us to listen to Him as we go about our day, during our bible study time, while we pray and praise Him in our vehicles, or even when our work is finished for the day and we are resting our heads upon our pillows.

"Be still, and know that I am God," 

(Ps. 46:10 KJV)

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