Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Plug In, to Unplug


          It is getting late and you sit down to jump online to your usual networking website, internet nightly news channel, frequented movie/television show URL, or email provider to enjoy a few moments of catching up or winding down - when it happens. You notice that little pop up reminder that your power is at six percent. This is when you look to the right or left for your cord and stumble around trying to find a close outlet.   The tension rises knowing that if you do not connect quickly you will lose your work, or precious buffering moments. Then without another warning the screen goes blank right before you make that electrical connection.

          Using a computer as a modern day type writer I have on many occasion, worked my moments down to the wire, literally...get it computer, Internet blog, software entries...okay I am sorry about that one. The freedom of the laptop comes with perks and responsibilities. It is definitely a plus to take my computer around the house or on the porch and jump on line, using our in house wireless connector.  But then it happens, when I am "write" in the middle of a fast typing text moment, a small flash window reminds me that I had better plug in or "lights out" on my writer's "in the groove" monologue.

          No matter what our gifts are, when we are walking in them we become engaged and through that focus we produce our best work. Whether we are a carpenter, a decorator, a chef, a scrap-booker, an actor, a public speaker, a writer, a dancer, whatever it is, when we are at full throttle it is best to stay the course, because our productivity is ramped and great things are about to happen with minimal effort.  God desires for us to walk or run in that very place when it comes to the talents that he gave us, - "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all of your might," (Ecc. 9:10), ".
          The interesting thing is that we can accomplish great things in our own might, but just like my computer, eventually without a power source we begin to shut down. When my laptop closes up shop, right in the middle of my productive work, I am still able to reboot and return to my writing; however I am limited in where I am able to compose.  For a writer, that can, at times, try to stifle your creativity, based on geography. Just as any profession or hobby we all have our special places that we go to, in order to focus on our project or task, and when we limit ourselves by not properly amping up we are still able to perform, just with a disadvantage.

          As “A Work in Progress” we must plug into God in order to "unplug".  There have been times that I have found myself doing what God has called me to do and at the same time limiting my time with Him which caused my batteries to run down. The great part about God is no matter where you are, you can take Him with you and by spending time with Him you become recharged and powered up, far exceeding your own strength. When I "have to" connect my computer to an outlet I am forced to funnel my talents through a particular location.   But with God, because I "GET TO" spend time with Him I am able to “charge” the mountain, so to speak, and produce amazing results. Plugging into God helps me feel "unplugged" because I am doing things in His power not my own. 

          Growing in a relationship with God allows us to let go of cords or strings and gives us the freedom to enjoy fellowship instead of monitoring our battery to make sure we have got our “time in”. The balance is not to become complacent with our prayer time, but instead to discover a new way of looking at it. Thank God that as “A Work in Progress” we can transform from a person tied to The Source into a believer who chooses to plug into God’s Word which helps us complete our work - fully charged.

“and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power,”
(Eph. 1:19 NKJV)

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