Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We Do Not Have To Have ALL Of The Answers,To Step Forward


             One of my favorite things to do is to plan, although it took me years to learn that I can not plan for everything.  Even now, sometimes I still try to do it. But I have learned that calculating all of my steps could be the very thing that may hinder me from taking one. If I had it my way, (Wow, it really sounds bad when you take the time to type those words out), I would want to know all of the answers before I made any decisions, especially the big ones. But I have found that my way does not work, because many times I have stopped good momentum in my life simply because I did not know every detail concerning my next step.

             God has good plans for us, all we have to do is discover what they are through prayer, spending time in His Word, and being willing to trust, try, fail, and learn as we move forward. For all of us the last part is often the hardest.  Praying, speaking, and planning definitely help us think and move towards our destinations, however we should never begin a plan, but instead attach ourselves to a plan that God has already begun for us to complete. 
          Years ago God posed an important question to my heart. Regularly I claim: that our family is a tree planted by the rivers of water, which brings fruit in our season, our leaf does not wither, and whatever we do prospers and that God is my refuge, fortress, and I trust Him, (Psalms 1:3 & 91:2). One morning, while I was praying, God spoke, quietly in my heart, "Do you really believe this?" I answered with a, "Yes, Lord", and repeated these Verses out loud. Before I finished God asked the question again. God always knows the answers to the questions that He asks, but because He IS love, He allows us to come to the place where we must know them too. 

          I had been wrestling with a big decision, because I could not see all the answers and was not sure that I was on the right plan. I had already come to the Lord many times regarding what to do about this situation and He had assured me that I needed to continue down the plan that I was currently pursuing.  Still, I allowed myself to become distracted.  I heard someone speak of a quicker way to get to a similar destination.  God had to remind me that trying to find ALL of my answers in another person's plan can be another way of not walking in confidence of the plan that He was helping me to complete.

          The plans God has for each one of us will not only get us to where we are going, but it will teach us specific lessons along the way. As we spend quality time with God His plans for us become clearer inside our hearts.  We will never have all of the answers.  But as “A Work in Progress” we must continue to plan with a heart connected to our Father, while trusting that He directs our steps.

“A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.”
(Prov. 16:9 NKJV)

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