Tuesday, June 12, 2018

What is at the top of your "To Do Lists"?

      For the most part I know exactly what I need to do. For years, I executed daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly "To Do" lists. In the business world I implemented things to do.  In ministry leadership I encouraged what needed to be done. I taught my children to write down what they needed to accomplish. I took classes and taught classes on list making and methods by which to fulfill a plan by following a checklist. But for most of my Christian life I left one very important action off of my "To Do" lists - LOVE.

     I remember a time a few years ago when God centered me up in this area. The phrase: "What is the love thing to do?" echoed in my heart.  As "A Work in Progress" this was not at the top of my "To Do" list, but it sure is on God's, and therefore I knew I needed to spend sometime developing in this area.
"If God so loved us, we also ought to love one another," 
(1 John 4:11 NKJV)
     For several months God took me to this verse which helped to move me forward.  Over the years inviting God into my planner has given Him even greater access to my development. I was beginning to understand that yes, God so loves me and yes I should (or ought) to love others, but was I making this apart of my weekly plan?
Love is an action, not a feeling, therefore it must be at the top of our "To Do" lists.
     It took me a long time to receive the revelation that love is a verb not simply a noun.  God is love and also He took that love to action by sending His Son to us. Love is who He is, and it is also on the top of His things "To Do" list. The manifestation of love is what builds relationships. God showed us that love in action. Our relationship with Him was restored through the action of Him sending Jesus to us. God is The Great Mentor, because He not only fills us with His love, but then tells us what to do with His love if we seek His plans instead of simply focusing on ours.
     I am not perfect, but one thing I am is teachable especially when it comes to learning how to plan with God.   I have always considered myself I pretty good planner, but I know that even with the right heart in my own plans, following His lead will always produce better results.


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