Tuesday, October 18, 2016

In Order To Be Reachable We Must Be Teachable

         There are so many personalities that attend classrooms everyday, but in order for a teacher to reach any of them each one of them must choose to be teachable. From class clowns to book worms and everyone in between each one of us has the ability to learn. Whether God is trying to reach us or needs us to reach out to one another we first must be willing to learn.  Then we can apply His teachings in our own lives so we can truly be “A Work in Progress”.

          Ever since I can remember I have always enjoyed learning. As a child I was the one who sat at the front of the classroom with my hand up for every question proposed by the instructor. I followed the rules, listened attentively, took great notes, studied all the right questions, and received good grades. By the time I reached college I had obtained enough knowledge to often convince myself that I had all of the answers. The more I learned the more I thought that I knew and therefore the harder it was for me to be taught. Even though I loved learning I was slowly turning into a person that was not teachable.

          As I began to develop in my career I reverted back to my attitude of being teachable, but as my knowledge grew so did my inner ego. Being a "know it all" does not necessarily have to present itself in a blatant form, for me it was a matter of my heart. On the outside I appeared always to be learning, because I asked a lot of questions, but being teachable is not a representation of how many questions that we ask. Being in a consulting position I knew what questions to ask to get the basic information that I needed to get the job done. Although I did get paid, based on my ability to apply and execute shared information, I began to allow this ability to go to my head. Within that particular company many looked to me as a teacher, which shaped my own view of myself, that I was no longer a student. 

          From first glance a student that makes the grades, whether in school or in life, appears to be the most teachable, but a teachable heart could be easily hidden behind less than average marks. From a young age my husband did not do well at school, not applying his God given talent. Through the right connections and hard work he was able to land a good position in a small successful computer company.

          Early in our marriage I witnessed his teachable spirit transform him into a scholar in his field.  My husband is the best example of a person who continually humbles himself to learn, not to know, but to grow so that he can help others. He stepped away from a good position in a growing company to go back to school and develop the talents that the Lord gave him. This C student in grammar school graduated college with honors. No matter what he would put his hands to he did it with all of his might, (Ecc. 9:10). It was because he chose to humble himself he has developed into a true life long learner.

"A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels:"
(Prov. 1:5 KJV)

          This powerful Scripture was written by the wisest man besides Jesus, King Solomon. He came to understand that by putting oneself in a position to be taught, a person will become wise.  When we are wise we can help God reach out to a world that is so desperately seeking all of the answers.  As “A Work in Progress” we need to remember that in order to be REACHABLE we must first be TEACHABLE. 

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