Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Refreshing Work in Progress


        What is that smell?  I asked myself this question as I drove through heavy traffic heading towards an appointment.  Although it was not overwhelming the yucky stench did try to distract me along the journey to my destination.   I could not figure out what it was, but I knew something was not right.  Was it an old banana in the little trashcan behind the center console?  Could it be dampness from spilled water on the floorboard below the backseats?  Did one of the kids leave their lunch box, with an unfinished sandwich, in the van overnight?  Whatever it was it had hijacked the air quality in my space.  Even as “A Work in Progress” this setback did not stop me from arriving safely at my destination.  However, it was not refreshing. 

          Being a person of refreshment is…well, refreshing.  We all have been around people who when he or she walks into a room bring a freshness that lifts the air quality for others to enjoy.  You know that person.  The one who welcomes everyone they meet with a smile; anticipates needs before asked to help; runs with the plans that they are assigned; communicates consistently so time is not wasted wondering if they understood or if they remembered to do their work; and of course - finishes what they start.  A refreshing person refreshes others.

          Refreshment is an interesting attribute because often times we do not recognize that it was present until it is gone.  The day before my car was overtaken by a garbage truck odor I never once said – “It smells great in here!”  But I was refreshed none the less.  It wasn’t until the refreshment was missing that I noticed how much I missed it. 

          As “A Work in Progress” we can work towards being refreshing as well as recognizing others as they refresh us.  Becoming a person of refreshment takes decision.  When we wake up in the morning and decide to be refreshment to others we look for opportunities to fulfill that mission.  As we transform day by day into a fragrance that others want to be around we also become aware of those who do the same.  Taking the time to watch for refreshing people and study what they do differently to make them this way, we make progress in this area.  Acknowledging refreshment helps to develop the same quality in us.

          This pattern of refreshment truly starts as we allow God to refresh us each morning. Filling up on refreshing Scriptures, worship music, and quiet time in prayer, refreshes us to be refreshment to people that we interact with each day.  What a better way than this to be refreshing to the One who refreshes us.

          Through our journey each day let us not wait until the sweet smell of others is gone to take account of refreshment.  Look around, breath in, and take inventory of who is refreshing.  Who makes our lives sweet – easier as we progress in our work?  Then we can thank them with words as well as giving them back the refreshment that they have willingly given to us. And maybe, just maybe, as “A Work in Progress” we will someday become a refreshing person to even those who are not refreshing to us – taking initiative to alter the air quality around all of us.  Breathing easier would sure help all of us get from where we are to where God knows that we could be as we become a refreshing – Work in Progress!  

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

(Prov. 11:25)

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