Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Let's go through FLIGHT together!

     What if every God-given dream in your heart fulfilled its destiny?  Get ready, those dreams are about to take off! 

     A life-long God-given dream is an amazing discovery.  There are many great books that can inspire us to discover our life-long destinies, but this is not such a book.  However, this book can help us arrive at those discovered destinies - one God-given dream at a time.

     Our lives are made up of many God-given dreams or destinations.  As we arrive at each one, we travel closer to our destiny.  Knowing this, the question for many of us becomes;  "How can I fulfill my current God-given dream - leading me to the next connection towards my destiny?"  This book - FLIGHT - is just what you have been looking for if you find yourself asking this question.  

*Excerpt from FLIGHT 

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And get ready, because your FLIGHT plans are about to take off!

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