Tuesday, July 18, 2017

His Blessings Are Waitng on Our Response

     Mixer going and the anticipation of the enjoyment of warm cookies to accompany my hot tea is when it happened, a revelation of blessing. It was well passed bed time and I had started making cookies before a late night of writing when I went to my baking cabinet and saw that I was out of a key ingredient. I had planned on starting these cookies earlier in the day, but by now everyone was a sleep and I was looking forward to joining them soon. Feeling frustration begin to creep upon my attitude, I stopped and said, "Okay, so what if I have to run to the store; I will just listen to a ministry CD on the way and learn something". Then I turned and opened up my spice cabinet and there looking at me was a brand new bottle of vanilla, just what I needed. Without my knowing my dad, who lived with us at the time, had went to the store a few days earlier and just "happened" to buy some vanilla. I smiled and proceeded with my baking. Moments later I went to pull a tea bag from my glass tea container, desiring for a blueberry flavored cup of herbal goodness. A few days before I had given away what I thought was my last flavored tea bag. Knowing this I just picked one up and thought, "Oh well at least I have tea bags". When I began to pour hot water from the tea kettle into the cup a burst of blue poured out of the bag of leaves. I picked up the wrapper and flipped it over, smiling, I saw that it was indeed my flavor of choice. That night I enjoyed more than a hint of vanilla in my chocolate chip cookies and a piping hot fruit tea.
     As I reflect back on this "sweet" memory, I am again reminded of how important the revelation that I gained from that evening was to where I am today and beyond. I learned a valuable lesson:

When we choose joy, we open the door to the blessings that God has already delivered.

     This revelation has prepared me to be able to receive more than quick treats, but rather an ongoing abundant life that God has for me, located on the other side of my response.
"The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly," (John 10:10 NKJV)
     As "A Work in Progress" I have had challenges either come my way or, quite frankly, many that I have caused do to making dumb choices along my journey. The good news is that God's promises do not have limitations based on my stupidity. Knowing or not and still messing things up God's mercies are new every morning. That is the beauty of His grace. However, it is true that once I learn a godly lesson I am responsible for what I now know. The truth that I know is what breaks chains around me and gives me the freedom to receive what God is so willing to give, and has given through His one Son Jesus Christ. 

     Going back to that evening in my kitchen; I did not know that vanilla was hidden for me behind that cabinet door, but I decided to choose joy anyway. Then when it was revealed to me my attitude was one of thankfulness. The joy in my heart was not surprised to see the blessing, but instead was grateful, because I was reminded of how much God loves me. God has not hidden His promises from us, but for us.
     For years, I went to The Word of God with a heavy heart, because I was always going to God when I was down, troubled, in a slump, defeated, and or upset, but it was not until I came to His Word with joy that I was able to see His promises come to pass in my life. His joy is my strength, (Neh. 8:10). His joy is my salvation, (Hab. 3:18). Therefore, my prayer requests should be with joy, (Phil 1:4). I maybe "a work in progress", but when I make the decision to choose joy before I open "His door" I can be in the perfect position to receive what He has been waiting to freely give to me all along. From the little to the big packages His promises are only our response away.

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