Tuesday, August 15, 2017

We Can Do This!

            It is amazing how we can get so excited about a dream, fired up about a great idea, thrilled that our ship has come in, or just plain thankful that we are finally headed in the right direction only to allow our momentum to bring stress instead of determination. A while back I was praying to God, thanking Him with my words, while I continued to entertain thoughts like, "How am I going to do this?," and "I do not know anyone that has done this, how do I fit all the pieces together?". I then stopped and chose to believe. A few days later, as I was browsing clip art I came across a picture of an eagle, our eyes locked and God spoke right to my heart, "WE can do this!". God uses eagles to paint a picture and remind us of who he made us to be and how He will help us.

"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings as eagles: they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint,"
(Is. 40:31 KJV)

I have heard and spoken this verse many times, but recently God encouraged me as I slowly reread this verse out loud. The word wait can mean to patiently stand expectant, but it equally is defined as to serve. As I merged these definitions and inserted them into this verse I realized that not only do I need to seek God's counsel, (Psalms 1:1), in pursuing dreams, but once I get on board with what He has called me to do, I should stand expectantly patient during the process. Then as I serve, my strength, (ability to do what has been asked of me), will be continually given to me.

As if this is not enough, God does not just renew our strength, but promises that if we do the first part He will mount, (lift or allow us to be carried, which means minimal effort on our part) us up with wings as eagles.  I began to notice that I had been quoting this verse incorrectly. I had heard others use the word "as" in place of with and "of" in place of the word as, and had adopted that into my own phrasing of this Scripture, (example of why it is so important to read The Word for yourself). This changes everything. God does not mount us up as wings of eagles, He mounts us up WITH wings AS eagles! Eagles, mighty beings that soar naturally higher than any other creature. Wings, that once they are lifted higher than the trade winds, require little to no effort to glide peaceful at a cruising altitude. You and me have these wings and the ability, power, to soar, not just through, but above the stresses of life, that is when we choose to "wait" or serve the Lord.

When God gives you an idea, concept, plan, and or a dream, He will also lead, guide, and be with you to see it through.

The imagery of being like an eagle ignites passion in my spirit, therefore, for me, the second part of this Verse is such a complementary balance. My personality is a very productive one, I thank God that He reminds me that I can become AS an eagle, but as a person I run and walk. God is the Master of the metaphor. He gives us a picture of how he sees us, and then reminds us that all though we can run, a fast motion similar to how an eagle flies, at times, we still may need to simply walk.

God encourages us that with Him, we will not become weary, or tired, and we will not faint or in other words, stop. God knows that when we go, go, go we tend to slow, slow, slow down and sometimes when we stroll we can become complacent and just give up. Now, we have no excuses. He eliminated them all, because if we do it His way, He will give us the ability to finish what we started, and really He started it we just simply choose to serve Him by doing our part.

I am not perfect, far from it, but I believe God at his Word. I may not think that I can do something, but I choose to believe and speak, "God I trust you that WE can". I know that when we believe: God I am locked in, standing strong in your promises, standing faithfully knowing that you have called me to do this, and trusting in the gifts that you have giving me to carry out my mission. There is no way that we will not succeed even though we are “A Work in Progress.”

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