Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Why Are MY Fingernails So Much Work?

My personal fingernail maintenance has recently ministered to me. For years I have tried, all be it inconsistently, to manicure my own nails only to witness them chip away, break, or tear. I came to the point, within the last couple of years, that I said enough is enough. I decided to become consistent in my approach and clip, file, trim, paint on a regular basis. Recently during a gifted pedicure I beamed with delight when the professional complimented my feet, but my fingernails still have a way to go.
Over the passed month I have been able to sport a set of presentable polished abeniages, but last week the pattern repeated itself. First one chipped, then another broke, then a cuticle flipped out and decided to hang. By week's end I was looking at the reality that no hand model would ever wish on his/her worst enemy, tattered fingertips. I literally said out loud.."Why are MY fingernails so much work?". Even in personal hygiene God guides us so well. In my heart God reminded me that not only am I a work in progress, in multiple areas including my nails, but that I may require more work in certain areas than others. I so know this truth.
I know ladies that have beautiful fingernails and when I ask them how they do it they tell me things like..."Oh I just file and go, sometimes I don't even put lotion on, they are just naturally strong", or "They have always looked like this. All the ladies in my family have great hands.". Hallelujah and praise The Lord for them, but I still wondered how does that happen? I decided that no matter what, I am determined to have presentable fingernails.
Now God is more concerned about our heart than any part of our body, but He also wants us to walk in victory especially when it comes to our health, (3 Jn 2). From experience, when your fingertips are not taken care of properly pain and discomfort can easily present itself. I was not going to have it anymore, so I thought.
The other night I was clipping my last fingernail down to the shortest level when I thought..."maybe I am just not meant to have strong fingernails.". That is when The Holy Spirit stood up. In my heart, God spoke to me clearly, "There are areas in your life that YOU must work at more than others in order to walk in YOUR victory,". Fingernails, God used fingernails to mold and shape me. I guess my nails were not the only things getting filed.
I know that God made us all different and special, but I guess it took a different perspective to show me that we also all have a very unique walk. I am discovering that where one person may be able to walk with ease another may need to hike and it could even be the same circumstances. I have heard, many times over, people say.."God only gives you what you can handle,", but God revealed to me that the opposite is really the truth, "God only handles what you give". I am learning that once we get over using our personal struggles as excuses, (especially when we have compared them to another person's challenges or lack there of), we are more willing to give them to The Lord and ask for His help, without whining about how our neighbor's fingernails look with little to no effort.
I admit that I am progressively working through what God reveals to me daily, but I am determined to grow and develop even when it may take more work than the person next to me. When my life on earth is over I refuse to enter heaven chanting, "I would have... BUT I did not have, own, get....what she/he/they got, therefore I just was not able to break through (FILL IN THE BLANK)".
I know that I have special gifts and I also know that I do NOT have special gifts, however my personality can not be an excuse for lacking in any area of victory in my life. From fingernails to finances I might not be the strongest and I may require more work than others, but I know that God is with me. God promised that the good work that He began in me He will see it through, (Phil. 1:6). I am confident, through Christ Jesus, that my personal walk is my own, in Him that I trust. All God wants is my best and I believe that when I show up, ready to do the work, that He will polish up all my rough edges.
"...let us lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us." (Heb. 12:1 KJV)

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