Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Determination: A Bite Size Serving Part 2

Bite Size Serving #1:


a :  the act of deciding definitely and firmly;

also :  the result of such an act of decision
b :  firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired end
Synonyms include: decidedness, purposefulness, and resolve4

Determination is determined when we determine that we are “A Work in Progress”.  
The term, “A Work in Progress” means that we are not perfect;
that we are “lifelong learners”; that we work to move towards a goal.  
Being “A Work in Progress” takes Determination.

Life happens fast, but with determination we can slow life down each day.  

Remember from last week that we do this by doing things on purpose; by not allowing the days to run together, but instead doing things daily - with decision. This will look differently for each individual.  

Determination maybe a big word, but it requires small spoonfuls to swallow. Replace the “Ations” - Procrastination, Frustration, and Hesitation by substituting these Determination portions in your life…

Write Down your To Do’s

When we write down what we need to accomplish we have made an act of determination.  We have decided to know longer simply think about doing something, but to act on doing that something.  

Action influences Determination. Writing down a list of things to do does not make one do those things, however it is a transition of  intention into action.

Whatever we act upon is what we are determining to do.  And how better to begin than with a To Do list.

Last week I began sharing To Do Tips... 

To Do Tip #1. Make ONE
I am convinced that one To Do List is enough.  One To Do List determines much of our success. One To Do List helps us…

  1. Determine how much we need to do
  2. Determine how full our plates truly are
  3. Determine if we need help to do what we need to do
  4. Determine our discipline for writing things down

This week I continue with...
To Do Tip #2. Take it with you!

To Do Lists work best when they are mobile.  
To do Lists are not our pets; They will not make noise when we leave them at home
and come running to greet us the minute we return  
To Do Lists will easily hide from our sight.
Once we determine to have one To Do List we must determine to carry it along
for the ride.

To do Lists can come in all shapes and sizes.  
To Do Lists can be electronic or written on paper.  Over the years I have talked
with many different people regarding To Do Lists.  I have found that even with
all of today’s technology - no matter when you maybe reading this it will always
update itself.  Writing a To Do List on paper with a pen or pencil strengthens
our Determination. There is something about the effort of writing down a
To Do List that encourages completion.  

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