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Determination: A Bite Size Serving

            A few weeks ago my Dad cleared some land on our property revealing a stunning display of determination.  Of course, my Dad's determination to cut down overgrown vines was nothing to shake a hand saw towards, unless you were an intrusive plant in his path.  We stood in awe at the sight of one tree's determination to grow towards sunlight. Is there a tree in your way that seems to massive to chopped down? Why not grow through it.  

          Be encouraged today with an excerpt from my new book coming in early 2019.  This book is about how to eat that elephant in your life in small portions; portions like DETERMINATION.


Bite Size Serving #1:


a :  the act of deciding definitely and firmly;
also :  the result of such an act of decision
b :  firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired end
Synonyms include: decidedness, purposefulness, and resolve4

The “Pioneer of American Cuisine” had a key ingredient - Determination.  In 1940 south of Opelousas, LA Paul Prudhomme came into this world as the son of a sharecropper and his wife.  By seven years of age he took to his mother’s side cooking up family style cajun dishes in a kitchen with no electricity.  As a teenager he made a decision to open his own burger place. Closing its doors in less than a year he decided that he had a lot to learn.  

        With only the culinary education of his mother’s kitchen, although serving thirteen children he said it felt like a restaurant, he decided to travel and work under other chefs to gain knowledge.  After traveling across America he eventually returned to Louisiana. Prudhomme took a sous-chef position in New Orleans and at the age of thirty-five became the first American- born executive chef at the famous Commander’s Palace.  

Wanting to keep to his cajun family style cooking in 1979 he opened a modest reservation free restaurant that encouraged strangers to eat at tables together.  Unlike his first restaurant, K-Pauls became world famous and reservations became a necessity. Paul Prudhomme’s style of cooking became known around the globe.  He authored over a dozen cookbooks and his spices are sold in over thirty countries.4


Determination is determined when we determine that we are “A Work in Progress”.  The term, “A Work in Progress” means that we are not perfect; that we are “lifelong learners”; that we work to move towards a goal.  Being “A Work in Progress” takes Determination.

How do we embrace being “A Work in Progress” and be like Paul Prudhomme and eat up Determination?  We take little bites of Determination each day. We must decide firmly and actively to do the things that need to be done in order to receive the things to come.  Life happens fast, but with determination we can slow life down each day.  We do this by doing things on purpose; by not allowing the days to run together, but instead doing things daily - with decision. This will look differently for each individual.  

Paul Prudhomme did not become an executive chef overnight.  For years, each day he worked, developing his skills. His determination led him to his destination - a life long dream fulfilled.   

Determination maybe a big word, but it requires small spoonfuls to swallow. Replace the “Ations” - Procrastination, Frustration, and Hesitation by substituting these Determination portions in your life…

Write Down your To Do’s
Einstein said it best - “Paper is to write things down that we need to remember. Our brains are used to think.”.4  When we write down what we need to accomplish we have made an act of determination.  We have decided to know longer simply think about doing something, but to act on doing that something.  

Action influences Determination. Writing down a list of things to do does not make one do those things, however it is a transition of  intention into action.

Whatever we act upon is what we are determining to do.  And how better to begin than with a To Do list.

Let’s talk about To Do Lists for a moment.  From home to school to leading organizations or businesses I have written my fair share of To Dos.  You may have a To Do system that works well for you, but if you are open to suggestions here are a few tips I have learned about making To Do Lists.  

To Do Tip #1. Make ONE

What? Did she just say - Make One?  How will one To Do List be sufficient? Does she know how busy I am; how many people I lead?  How many projects I coordinate? How much I have going on?

Believe it or not, I probably do.  

Here are a few “snap shots” of different To Do List  seasons of my life:

In high school I was president of three organizations at once including the student body as well as on the honor roll, editor of the paper, show choir, cheerleader, and the lead in school plays - with one To Do List.

In college I was a campaign manager, worked two full time jobs, volunteered at a non-profit, worked in the theater department and was an active member of the choir. - with one To Do List

In my twenties I traveled for three years opening thirty-two restaurants, coordinating teams for corporate and thirteen franchises, leading training teams and advising owners and managers how to effectively launch a new site within ninety days of breaking ground - with one To Do List.

In my thirties I left my career to homeschool our children, support my multi-media director husband as his producer, write a blog, serve on volunteer staff at my church, and help launch a tutorial school with one To Do List.

In my forties I became a published author and started my own consulting business, produce ministry videos for an international church website as a staff member, continue to teach middle school and high school courses, and enjoy life with the best husband and children and dog on the planet - all with one To Do List.

I am convinced that one To Do List is enough.  One To Do List determines much of our success. One To Do List helps us…

  1. Determine how much we need to do
  2. Determine how full our plates truly are
  3. Determine if we need help to do what we need to do
  4. Determine our discipline for writing things down

Join me over the next few weeks as we explore To Do Tips of Determination.

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