Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Wednesday's Word of Encouragement: USEFUL


1: capable of being put to use; especially : serviceable for an end or purpose

~ useful tools

2: of a valuable or productive kind

~ do something useful with your life*

Useful work is faithful work.  There is a story in Ezekiel about a vine that is thrown into the fire.  This is a vine that cannot be used in woodworking - it is not useful except in the end for firewood.  It is burned up; burned out.

Burnout is a reality when our work is not useful.  Our work is an expression of our gifts. Those gifts are put to use by abilities that we all possess.  When we are faithful to develop those abilities and express our gifts our work is useful and our lives are fulfilled.  When our lives are fulfilled we will not be burned out.

How do we develop our abilities?  My book FLIGHT is all about developing six abilities that we all posses.

Here is a link to order your copy and begin to Develop Means By Connecting Wings to God-Given Dreams.



*USEFUL: definition Dictionary: Meriam-Webster online 2018,

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